Sunday, February 20, 2011

Restaurant Review # One:

Papalote Mexican Grill -  SF

I'm excited to be doing my first restaurant review since starting this blog!  Last Thursday the Food Network replayed an episode of  Bobby Flay's Throwdown against the Escobedo brothers owners of Papalote Mexican Grill in San Francisco. This was my first time seeing this episode. I love when the Food Network does shows about eateries in the Bay Area. The challenge was against their famous Triple Threat Burrito. Which Bobby Flay lost.
from the menu
Anyway, after being stuck inside for days due to the flood inducing thunderstorms, it felt great to have a clear day, so I decided to get out and about and go try this burrito that looked so deelish on TV.

So off I went to the Mission district to the original Papalote located at
3409 24th Street @ Valencia
 I like to try the original of restaurants first, then I venture to the more upscale versions. They have another one deeper in the city. It's the one showcased on the website.
The original
Okay on to the REVIEW:
There wasn't a sign on the place, so I missed it the first time around the block, and there was very limited neighborhood parking.
The place was so tiny. My friend grabbed the seats while I stood in line to order a 19.95 burrito that we decided to split. I read the price was probably inflated after Bobby Flay's visit. I placed the order, got my tag number 18 and went to sit down and wait for this masterpiece.
 While waiting, a small bowl of lukewarm chips and
were brought out. The salsa was pretty good. It really helped the chips which were blah. But I was starving! I really like chips and salsa, and was disappointed when the server said it would be 1.55 for more.  We had already spent over $26.00 on one burrito and 2 drinks! I hate to sound cheap but ... so no Thank you!

chips and salsa

I have to say, the burrito was huge!!!  Not 20.00 huge but huge! I forgot to take a picture when it first came out. : (
I asked that they cut it in half and my friend had the larger side.

burrito with the famous salsa on the plate
Too be perfectly honest because I said I would keep it real. This was NOT the best burrito I've ever had. It was just okay. It truly needed the famed salsa to give it some flavor. I added the works for .99 to get some cheese, sour cream and guacamole. Which this burrito definitely needed. I asked for the guacamole on the side just in case I didn't like it. I didn't They forgot to bring the guacamole, so I went to ask for it and since you could not see the sour cream on the burrito I asked for that too. The cashier said "Oh they only add a little to the burrito" o_O! I think if you're paying extra for something you should at least be able to see it. AND on a burrito that big?? A little? Girl bye!

WRAP UP:  The only meat of the three that had flavor was the shrimp. Overall, it was just an okay burrito. The meat was fresh and nicely grilled. The burrito was so huge I only ate half of my half and after the flavors marinated the extra half, which I ate later was actually tastier. Definitely not worth the price. I'll probably go try the newer upscale place just cuz tho! LOL!


K. Rock said...

$20 for a buritto is crazy talk!! I don't care how good it is. It sucks even more since it wasn't all that. But really how can a buritto be all that? Burittos are just...burittos. They are all the same. Fun review!

blazeno.8 said...

This is an entertaining review! As closeted foodie myself, I really enjoyed restaurant reviews.
I don't know if you've tried it, but I would recommend Cancun in Berkeley if you're in the East Bay. They have really good food and a salsa bar with a wide selection.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@K Rock
I know, I know I was sucked in by the hype! I wanted to eat something Bobby Flay had tried LOL!

I forgot I commented on your blog from my food blog. I have a hair blog and a reg blog. Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by. I've been to Cancun and it's good. I was just trying something different that was featured on TV.LOL! I'm doing a taste of SF this year.

~Mommy+Me~ said...

Wow! $20?? That's nuts! I don't blame you though, those shows really make you want to try what they're showing! I love Triple D with Guy. Everything they show on there always looks SOOOO good!
That's a bummer that the burrito wasn't that good, but at least you shared it and it was worth the experience.

GorgeousPuddin said...

I LOVE Triple D!!! And yes...That is what I'm taking away from it...the experience. LOL!

Bajan Beauty said...

Weren't you disappointed! $20, dang they couldn't give you complimentary tortilla chips, jeez.

I was sucked in by the by the hype as well, I figure you have a tv show about cupcakes...I better get a foodgasm from this cupcake, lol.

Tarsha R said...

*BLINK* $20 for a mediocore burrito? I would have been a little salty...LOL

I have never been a big Bobby Flay fan but I am a TOTAL Triple D STAN! Guy can do no wrong! If I'm being all the way honest I want Guy's book so I can try some of the places featured on his show.

P.S. I love this... said...

Great review, even if the food wasn't. I LOVE burritos, I woulda been pissy too if it was just MEH, for $20!!!

I think Bobby is ok.. I like is Grillin' show.. However, Triple D haunts my dreams.. I wanna go everywhere he goes and eat. Well except tailgating.. so not into that. Guy is how I discovered our time honored tradition of the Turducken for Thanksgiving. =)

Keep the reviews coming!!

Nexgrl said...

Thank you for your review. That location is down the hill from my alma mater(h.s.) and I've wanted to try it for a while. At $19.95 per burrito, I will stick to my old favorites.

GorgeousPuddin said...

I was little disappointed in the service but over all it was fun and something to do. I may buy the salsa they sell it Whole foods and I will probably try a burrito with one of the meats for much less in price!

I LOVE Triple D and getting Guy's book sounds like an great idea. The experience was cool!

I'm a FN STAN! Guy intro'd you to Turducken LOL! I heart him too! I love the bay epis I will be trying more places here. I too want to go to ALL the places Guy goes...

Only that burrito is 19.95 I guess because it has all the meats. The other burritos are about 9.00 still pricey to me for a burrito but maybe worth it... Give em a try. If I'm out that way I'll try them again just NOT that burrito LOL!